• Anticipate, Plan and Respond
    Reacting to events is not the only option.
    Dynamic Modeling, Forecasting & Scenarios.
    Real-time data feeds update the model parameters.
    Dynamic model specifications allow for flexibility and
    accounting for shocks & unobservables.
  • Knowledge Networks & Contextual Wisdom
    There are reasons why experts often disagree.
    Research Differentiation & Pertinence Analysis.
    Deploying established literature & exploring new frontiers.
    Quantitative and qualitative deduction of research
    using machine learning methods.
  • Decisions amidst Information Deluge
    Complexity shouldn't be an excuse for confusion.
    Interactions, Externalities & Results' Robustness.
    Offering industry & country reports and outlooks;
    trends, forecasts, indexes and indicators to reinforce and
    guide the strategy for attaining measurable success criteria.
  • Codifying Human Ingenuity
    Benevolence of the machines «» Intentions of their masters.
    Statistical Intelligence & Causation Matrices.
    Discover consistent relationships & mechanisms in time-series,
    cross-section or panel datasets.
    Validate statistics & results; select optimal implementation.
    Examine feasibility; measure outcomes; perform evaluation.

Impeccable Research. Pragmatic Solutions. Effective Outcomes.

Empirical Foresights is a global research and advisory company.
We work with various organisations to help solve their operational issues and to orchestrate their future plans of action. Our products and services provide them with tools and intelligence required for successful decision making.
We create and codify wisdom on research issues, statistical & econometric techniques, analytical methods, measurement matrices and deductive reasoning.


Learn about economies, markets, industries or companies.

Our research products offer in-depth insights into the subjects, factors and developments that are important to you. From discovering preferences and characteristics of your customers, partners or competitors to ascertaining how your activities fit in the broader aggregate at sector or country level. We distinguish specific facts, assumptions & opinions.


Find out about trends, outlooks, issues or mechanisms.

Your ability to act upon the information is enhanced by our projections about future trends. Our indicators are derived using motley datasets interlinked across common dimensions to ascertain that underlying mechanisms are captured and their effects are accounted for. We produce & examine cross-pollination of ideas before determining their applicability & optimality.


Actionable implementation plans for achieving desired objectives.

We use scientific methods to outline feasible pathways and evaluate them based on likelihood of different scenarios. Our emphasis on validation ensures that you can test & monitor the impact of your strategies and reconfigure them in the event of unexpected shocks. Our robust yet conciliatory modeling & feedback regimens ensure consistent & timely result delivery.

Practice Areas

  • Agriculture & Primary Industry
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Intermediate & Capital Goods
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • Insurance
  • Financial Institutions & Banking
  • Education
  • Government & Public Services
  • Utilities & Infrastructure
  • Natural Resources
  • Business Services
  • Consumer Goods & Services
  • Markets & Competition
  • Skill-sets & Labour
  • Regulation & Compliance
  • Auction, Mechanism & Contracts
  • Program Assessment
  • Intangible Assets & Intellectual Property
  • Risk Management
  • Pricing & Valuation
  • Policy Design
  • Global Value Chains
  • Science, R&D Projects
  • Operations Research & Efficiency
  • Investment & International Finance
  • Strategy, Planning & Implementation
  • Economic Development

Competitive Advantages

Research Strengths

  • Data consistency & quality checks
  • Code archiving & results reproducibility
  • Parsimonious specifications
  • Model selection criteria critique
  • Distinction between results & opinions
  • Forward-looking focus & implications
  • Infographics & packaged presentations
  • Rigorous review (automated & manual)
  • Discussion & collaboration forums

Value Propositions

Data Robustness

  • Concordance mapping & harmonisation
  • Data generating process classification
  • Meta-data info & vintage tracking
  • Quality indicators & differentiators
  • Update propagation to derived series
  • Confidence intervals & usage scopes
  • Optimal mix & weights identification
  • Higher utility & informational content
  • Online configurable visualisations

Innovative Features

Technology Breakthroughs

  • Ensured Accuracy & Precision
  • Temporal Tradeoff Analyses
  • Focus on Sources of Uncertainty
  • System Boundaries & Interactions
  • Parameter Variance & Distribution
  • Failsafe Workflows & Plausibility Tests
  • Significance & Risk Assessments
  • Interfaces & Connectors based Design
  • Adaptable Industry Libraries

Our Research, Data & Technology Products

Objective Outlook reports are published monthly with additional special report every quarter. Each monthly report provides content organised by various categories covering recent developments, background analysis of issues and projected implications.

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Data Significance indexes are released as monthly, quarterly & yearly series and are organised based on various classification categories. The indexes combine available measures by employing detailed harmonisation, weighting & other mathematical techniques.

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Our product Inference Maven is offered as a suite of components providing various functionalities. These components include data cleaner, consistency checker, model maker, research analyzer, linkage discoverer, knowledge builder and value predictor.

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Our Research, Data & Technology information sources

  • ABB
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Bloomberg
  • Canada
  • Cargill
  • EU
  • European Commission
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Harvard University
  • HSBC
  • IBM
  • IMF
  • McKinsey
  • pfizer
  • pwc
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • Shell
  • Telefonica
  • Thomson Reuters
  • University of British Columbia
  • World Trade Organization
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