With digitisation of most of the information & transactions, Empirical Foresights is building up innovative applications for next phase of technological evolution. Our solutions are at the forefront in sustaining & enhancing decision making processes. We enable systematisation of knowledge & objective analysis, contextualisation & verification of ideas and accumulation of wisdom & heuristics.
Our team focuses on developing intellectual properties in data driven dynamic models, language processing, machine learning, rules engines, feedbacks & control mechanisms, event & causality analysis, logical inference and multi-dimensional temporal networks.

Inference Maven Framework

Our product Inference Maven is offered as a suite of components providing intelligence functionalities for various domains. Inference Maven components include data cleaner, consistency checker, model maker, research analyzer, linkage discoverer, knowledge builder and value predictor.
Criterion, Exception & Consistency
The conceptual form of tacit knowledge involves defining sets of rules, specifying their applicability criterion, assessing whether data, model, event or outcome conform to them and describing how to handle the exceptions & outliers
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Models, Algorithms & Mechanisms
Empirical Foresights has cumulated libraries of configurable algorithms & models cataloged according to functions, keywords, entities & events. These are accessed using intelligent interface that performs context mapping.
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Logical Methods & Foreseeing
We have designed & built software applications to verify & perform logical reasoning & deductive analysis. These applications identify how effects are transmitted and make predictions based on given set of beliefs.
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Wholistic Implications System
Empirical Foresights has created technology that drills down the implied outcomes to identify events & transactions responsible for effect transmission and then match the corresponding implications at that level.
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Intangible Asset Management
Empirical Foresights provides software solutions for managing portfolios of intangible assets. The solutions support many built-in intangible asset types under intellectual properties & economic competencies categories allowed in international accounting standards.
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Goals-Strategies-Scenarios Simulator
Empirical Foresights provides tools that can be used by various organisations to define their objectives, link it to relevant dataset & models, consult suggested strategies or define their own and evaluate the performance & consequences under various settings.
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Intelligence Infrastructure Consulting

Empirical Foresights has developed expertise in diverse subject, functional & technical fields. We specialise in organisational, operational & strategic intelligence domains and offer consulting services for building forecasting capacities.