Proper interpretation of data requires more than good analytics & visualisations. Our forward-looking approach offers valuable guidance by using causation & forecasting logic. We discover & confirm the fundamental reasons for observed trends & relationships in data. We determine data context & search knowledge repositories to ascertain validity of our premises, results & predictions. Our product Inference Maven is offered as a suite of components providing these functionalities for various domains.
Inference Maven components include data cleaner, consistency checker, model maker, research analyzer, linkage discoverer, knowledge builder and value predictor. Most of the common formats are supported as inputs & outputs. We have created Lucid View mode that provides quick access to all the features without showing underlying complexities.
Inference Maven (IM) framework is offered as following configurations with specialized libraries and features.

IM Statistics & Econometrics

IM Finance & Insurance

IM Economic Management

IM Corporate Planner

IM Forecasting & Valuations

IM Public Sector Budgeting

IM Healthcare & Bio-Sciences

IM Science & Engineering

IM Decision Support System