Empirical Foresights publishes research on topics and formats accommodating wide range of requirements. We offer regular analysis of developing trends accompanied by longer-term projections in Objective Outlook series. We also provide a rich and continuously expanding set of briefings, reports & other publications in varied subject areas. The list below outlines a way to categorize our research output.

Objective Outlook Reports

Objective Outlook reports are published monthly with additional special report every quarter. Each monthly report provides content organised by various categories covering recent developments, background analysis of issues and projected implications.
Trends, Projections & Forecasts
We publish short summaries of data trends, outline projections under different assumptions and provide our forecasts including validity conditions & confidence range.
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Topics & Subject Areas
We also offer other non-periodic research publications in a broad range of fields with comprehensive coverage.
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Issue-focused Themes
In addition to Objective Outlook special series, we do dedicated research focusing on specific themes. The goal is to identify fundamental mechanisms and discuss viable modes of resolving the issues involved.
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Ideas, Experiments & Frontiers
Empirical Foresights is also pushing the research & ideas frontier further. We maintain active involvements with cutting-edge industrial innovations as well as with the academic community.
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Recommendations & Implementations
We suggest strategies and action plans on how to solve specific problems faced by businesses, governments and other organisations. The research topics in this category are selected using ranking algorithms & online data crawling as well as our surveys.
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Research on Research Methods
Our team solves issues facing larger research community; from cancer drugs to weather patterns. The doctrine of scientific process of discovery is similar.
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Country & Sector Studies

Our research team produces regular country and sector reports. These are compiled using qualitative analysis of internal & external publications with the help of our context-finding tools.