Empirical Foresights offers research and advisory services in various fields. Our functional strength lies in analysing real-world data, identifying relationships, estimating implications, imagining scenarios, devising solutions and making predictions. Some of our practice and expertise areas are outlined below.

Practice Areas by Industries

We serve many industries and offer tailor-made research & advisory services formulated on the organisations' final output, production technology and structure of marketplace.

Practice Areas by Domains

We provide customised service offerings in different functional domains and fields of expertise.
Macro Knowhow
In today's interconnected world, activities are linked with each other through complex networks. We study macroeconomic issues by analysing the operating environment & framework conditions, dynamics toward & off the equilibrium paths and possible deviations & shocks.
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Micro Specialisation
Our microeconomic services help organizations learn the mechanisms underlying their processes and their interactions with others. We model stakeholders' preferences & their optimizing behaviour, estimate prices & valuations, calculate impact and identify market failures.
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Decision Support
We offer following services to help decision makers in discovering information, generating knowledge, evaluating arguments and providing capacity to test & substantiate their beliefs. We ensure the context & applicability of data & models, perform rigorous consistency checks and incorporate flexibility & measures of limitations.
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Predictions & Strategies
The inherent design of our research & analysis processes helps in forging forward-looking interpretations. We have established expertise is many functional areas and provide applications of our methodologies in various settings.
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Feasibility & Evaluation
We assist in estimating numerous dimensions like economic viability, growth potential, scenarios mapping etc. of a multitude of ideas, projects and initiatives. Our services are configurable to aptly fit different stages of project life-cycle & time-horizons and we also enumerate non-monetary, societal & environmental aspects in the accounting.
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Measurable Matrices
We solve topics involving endogenous, unobservables and non-measurable variables. We help organisations in converting seemingly abstract concepts into measurable matrices, which helps in visualizing the solutions to complex problems.
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Deductive Reasoning
Empirical Foresights is developing methodologies using advances in computation technologies to validate the conclusions derived using given datasets and applicable theories. We offer services that amalgamate data mining & natural language processing with statistical intelligence & logical synthesis.
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