Accurate, timely and relevant data is key to sound decision-making. Empirical Foresights has developed algorithms, technology & other intellectual assets in fields like data infusion & amalgamation, signal extraction & representative indices, feedback effects & series co-variations.
We have created networks of interlinked databases using numerous sources. These include public data from sources like IMF, BIS, World Bank, OECD, WTO, UN agencies, WIPO, EU, national statistical offices, government departments, market regulators, industry associations, company registers, universities and scholarly journals. When possible, we attempt to get the data directly from original underlying datasources used by private data providers like Thomson Reuters, IHS, Markit, Haver Analytics, S&P Capital IQ etc. Some of our data products and services are mentioned below.

Data Significance Indexes

Empirical Foresight provides several iterations of value-addition to the raw data. Data Significance indexes are released as monthly, quarterly & yearly series and are organised based on various classification categories.
Methodologies & Quality Checks
Empirical Foresights works on enhancing current measurement methods and proposing & debating merits of new ones. We have developed attribute based quality parameterisation processes for original & derived data, indexes and other measures.
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Indicators, Standards & Benchmarks
We conduct rigorous analysis for identifying explanatory powers of available series & relationships among them. Our indicators equip decision makers with concise, accurate & convergent information about their fields of interest. We build leading & concurrent indicators (for timeseries data) and characteristics & representative indicators (for cross-sectional data).
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Economic and Financial Statistics
The dynamic nature of our evolving economic & financial systems makes it difficult to measure, track & guide them. Empirical Foresights compiles broad set of topical data incorporating valuable additions like checking & adjusting for identifiable issues, deriving multi-functional & more informing series and applying transformations to generate useful & important series properties.
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Industries, Markets & Globalisation
The industries & markets in different countries are connected via multi-directional flows of goods & services. We organise available information to produce data on spillovers, connections, externalities, feedbacks and aggregation effects.
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Science, Innovation & Services
Scientific & technological innovations are powerful forces affecting our lives & shaping the ways the world operates. Empirical Foresights uses public & private sources to generate data providing insights about the inherent uncertainties, interdependencies, shifts being caused and long-term directions.
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People, Demography & Networks
Identifying people's preferences, ascertaining reasons for their behaviour and sorting the basic principles from the impulses are vital for any forward-looking analysis. We prepare data with on focus on measurable & distinct attributes and their impacts on actions performed & choices made.
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Outcome Measures (Social & Policy)
Many organisations, which provide value-added services, confront difficulties in accurately quantifying the benefits to their clients & partners. Empirical Foresights team is adept at defining tractable & verified outcomes, developing measures using correlated proxies and valuing those.
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Data Assemblies & Schemas
Empirical Foresights produces a variety of configurable & interlocking data components that adapt to any existing setup. These enable systematic merging of several disparate datasets along common dimensions.
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