Our Mission

Enable organizations to improve productivity, overcome constraints and develop resilience by using data-driven analysis, forward-looking ideas and efficient guidance.
We are a multi-disciplinary team with rich skill-sets and diverse experience. Empirical Foresights Inc was created with the idea of removing the silos that currently exist around various subject areas. We believe that by avoiding to reinvent the proverbial wheel, the saved opportunity costs can result in immense gains. In addition, the complementarities between fields offer us huge potential to be creative in finding solutions to the existing issues and in pioneering ideas to deal with probable future shocks.
Our team members come from the industry, academia, business groups, governments and international organisations. They have post-graduate degrees and work experience in ICT, engineering, consulting, accounting, economics and public services. In addition, our teams' access to network of experts offers us valuable advantage when dealing with a very wide range of topics, including the ones we have not worked on in detail ourselves.
Collaboration Models
We work with different organisations in various capacities. Depending on your current setup and desired objectives, Empirical Foresights prepares and presents you with choice of engagement models. We have implemented end-to-end solutions, contributed on stand-alone modules, provided leadership to complex big-scale projects involving many organisations and collaborated with other vendors providing our support in the background.

In addition, we offer tiered subscription plans which entitle your organisation to use our research, data, technology or consulting services and products. Please contact us for details.


% of team members with 10+ years of experience.

  • Economics + Finance · 80%
  • Policy + Research · 70%
  • Consulting + Business · 80%
  • Statistics + Quantitative · 70%
  • Implementation + Fieldwork · 70%
  • Master's/ MBA/ PhD · 60%


Rapid and continuous evolution of our business, economic, social and technological systems means that it is becoming increasing difficult & costly to keep track of them. As a result, the organisations & decision makers end up playing the catch up rather than shaping and guiding the systems. Even though these systems or at least the sub-systems within them have excellent monitoring and control methods in place, there is not enough stress on generating and examining overarching picture. The tacit knowledge is not easily codified and due to huge positive externalities, not many organisations are taking initiatives to generate the connections between different research advances.

The regret "if only we knew then what we know now" is becoming too common.
Our products & services benefit businesses, research institutes, government departments, investors, multi-national corporations and decision-makers in other settings.

From tracking the relationship between Chinese PMI surveys & stock movements to ascertaining viability of investment projects in Brazil. From measuring efficiency of healthcare delivery to managing scientific research portfolio. From untangling global-value-chains & network effects to discovering channels of productivity improvements. From creating policy platforms suited for coming generation to designing sustainable benefit mechanisms for current workforce.

We do it all ... With an emphasis on projections & forecasting.
At Empirical Foresights we have organised our processes around cumulating factual data about entities & events, advancing quantification methods, utilizing postulate verification & implication logic techniques and envisioning relevance mappings to respective contexts.

Our team assembles & cleanses public & private datasets and blends those generating pivots & associations. We track progress of knowledge frontiers and ongoing issues & debates. Using our proprietary schemas, algorithms and analysis frameworks, we calibrate & score applicable opinions & ideas.

These three components; data, codified intelligence & validated conclusions; form the basis of our projections and recommendations.

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If you include additional information (e.g. issues your organisation is facing), we will make sure to do background research and prepare a useful response containing action items.
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